Relationship of Mutual Reciprocity agreed between ACPE(Ireland) Ltd and NZACPE (inc)

ACPE(Ireland) Ltd is delighted to announce that as of 5th May the body has endorsed a mutual recognition of professional standards with New Zealand Association for Clinical Pastoral Education (Inc)together with a mutual reciprocity in regard to units of CPE undertaken. This is wonderful news. We look forward to continuing to develop our relationship with NZACPE and with other international CPE Professional bodies

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Presentation of CPE Teaching Supervisor Certificate to Daniel Nuzum

ACPE (Ireland) Ltd was delighted to ratify and present Dr Daniel Nuzum with his formal certificate of CPE Teaching Supervisor at its business meeting in Dublin today. The certificate was jointly presented by Ms Catherine Keenan (Chairperson of interview and assessment panel) and the Rev’d Bruce Pierce (Chairperson ACPE Ireland)
Bruce in congratulating Daniel acknowledged the depth and intensity of this training process and paid tribute to his commitment to pastoral education and research within the Health Service. Daniel expressed his gratitude to his supervisors at University Hospital Kerry, Northridge House and Cork University Hospital.

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New Zealand CPE links to ACPE(Ireland) Ltd

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Delighted to share that the New Zealand Association for CPE and ACPE(Ireland) have formally embanked on a journey of mutual recognition of professional training and education. A wonderful first. Our banner picture on our Facebook page which has received considerable interest is of Queenstown in the South Island of New Zealand

Presentation of CPE Certificates at Northridge House

Northridge House Education and Research Centre, at Saint Luke’s Charity, Cork, hosted a celebration for the completion of its recent Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) Programme on Wednesday 5th April.

Six students, from Cavan, Wicklow, Dublin, Kerry, Wexford and Cork, completed the 12 week programme. The programme was accredited by AICAB on St. Valentine’s Day – an internationally based process in tandem with a number of Irish professional bodies. The Centre was delighted to welcome Ms Pauline O’Dowd as Supervisor in Training.

The certificates were presented by Dr Paul Colton, Chairman of the Board of Directors of St Luke’s Charity, Cork. The Charity has supported CPE as part of its Outreach Programme for the last 9 years. Also in attendance were David O’Brien (CEO of St Luke’s Charity), staff of St Luke’s Home, course mentors and family members. Northridge House was delighted also to welcome Mr JA McNamara CEO of Cork University Hospital Group; the Centres at Cork University Hospital and Northridge House work closely together in training students for pastoral ministry.

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At the CPE graduation were (l-r): David O’Brien (CEO St. Luke’s Charity and St Luke’s Home) , Bruce Pierce (Programme Director), Pauline O’Dowd (Supervisor in Training), Gabriel Kelly, Dr Paul Colton, Alex Morahan, David Bowles, Ruth Elmes, Richard Dowling, John Tanner, JA McNamara (CEO, Cork University Hospital Group)


Visit of CPE Supervisior to Ireland


Delighted to welcome Rev Kraig Beardemphl ( Supevisor at PIH Health, Whittier, California) to Northridge House CPE Centre. Kraig is currently visiting Ireland and getting a perspective of CPE within an Irish context.  As a professional body we continue to develop enriching relationships with our fellow CPE international associations

CPE Graduation at Ballyclare March 2017

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Presentation of CPE Certificates at Ballyclare – March 2017. In attendance Fr Brian Gough, who presented the certificates, Catherine Keenan (CPE Supervisor St John of God Dublin) and Rev Derek Johnson (NIHCA) and Sr Mary Jo Cocoran (Director of CPE)


Changes in Funding for Chaplaincy Services

Hospital chaplains fall victim to provincial budget

The people who provide spiritual guidance and counselling in Saskatchewan hospitals will soon be forced to look for employment elsewhere after the program fell victim to the provincial government’s sweeping budget cuts.

“They are saving $1.5 million in salaries and costs associated with this, but I mean, odds are it’s going to come back and cost many times that in terms of impact on the system,” said Philip Weaver, president of the Canadian Association of Spiritual Care.

“Studies have shown that spiritual care actually ends up saving money to the system rather than costing money to the system. So people who end up receiving spiritual care during their hospitalization generally have a shorter length of stay, fewer infections post surgery and shorter costs associated with their end of life process.”

Currently, there is no timeline on the government’s decision to pull funding from the program.

Calling it a “short sighted attempt to save money,” Weaver noted Saskatchewan will be the only province in Canada that doesn’t provide this service to its patients and employees. He said the Fraser Health Authority in B.C., which removed funding from its chaplaincy program in acute care facilities late in 2009, has decided to reinstitute the program.

Weaver said chaplains are there to help anyone who needs it, regardless of their spiritual or religious beliefs. He noted it’s not about dealing with physical injuries but helping understand and deal with emotional trauma and new situations, such as coming to terms with losing the ability to walk or putting a child up for adoption.

NAHC Conference April 24/25th

The Conference will take place on April 24th and 25th and will take place at Finnstown Castle Hotel, Lucan, Co.Dublin and our theme for the Conference this year is The Practice of Surrender in the Conscious Dying Process-A Path of Learning to radically let go. Our speaker for Monday is Francis Bennett whom some of you are no doubt already familiar with. Francis Bennett, a former Trappist monk and Hospital and Hospice Chaplain will explore and reflect on the path of surrender as the primary practice for our every day life. He has been offering spiritual direction and workshops in America and in Europe over many years and we are most fortunate and privileged to have a speaker of his caliber with us this year.