HSE Palliative Care Competencies


An excellent resource on competencies in Palliative Care. The chaplaincy / pastoral care section was a first collaborative project, by a number of palliative care chaplains combining with the chaplaincy bodies – National Association of Healthcare Chaplains, Healthcare Chaplaincy Board, Chaplaincy Accreditation Board and ACPE(Ireland).

Upcoming Course

Forthcoming CPE Unit Dates
Contact Centre to confirm availability of places
St. Vincent’s University Hospital Elm Park Dublin 4
Director:  Sr. Theresa Kilmurray
Telephone:  +353 (0) 1 2214641.  E-mail:  t.kilmurray@st-vincents.ie
Next Unit: 14th September to the 5th December 2014
Mater Misericordiae Hospital Eccles Street  Dublin 7
Director:  Dr. Myriam Massabo’
Telephone:  +353 (0) 1 8034754 E-mail:  mmassabo@mater.ie
Next Unit: 15th September to the 5th December 2014
Cork University Hospital Wilton Cork
CPE Supervisor:  Sr. Mary Jo Corcoran
Telephone:  0044 77 39223346 E-mail: maryo12@me.com
Next Unit: April to July 2015
St. John of God Hospital Stillorgan Co. Dublin
Director:  Mrs. Catherine Keenan
Telephone:  +353 (0) 85 7149137. E-mail:  catherine.keenan@sjog.ie
Next Unit : 15th September to the 5th December 2014
St. Luke’s Home Educational Centre Mahon  Cork
Director:  Rev. Bruce Pierce
Telephone:  +353 (0) 21 4359444 Ext 507 Fax:  (0) 21 4359450 E-mail:  bruce.pierce@stlukeshome.ie
Next Unit: 14th October 2014 to the 4th March 2015 (20 Weeks Extended)
The Northern Ireland Healthcare Chaplains’ Association facilitates one unit of CPE each year for its members.
For further details, contact: Rev Derek Johnston  Director of Training NIHCA E-mail:  nihca@chaplains.co.uk Website:  www.nihca.co.uk
CPE Supervisor:  Sr. Mary Jo Corcoran
Telephone:  0044 77 39223346   Email: maryo12@me.com