Applying for CPE



1. Candidates may apply to ACPE (Ireland) Ltd – Company Limited by Guarantee to engage in two Basic (Level 1) Units of CPE as part of a sabbatical year or for on-going personal development, development in pastoral identity and pastoral competence formation and development.

2. The minimum theological requirement for entry into a first and second Basic Unit(Level 1) of CPE is evidence of having undergone some theological formation for example, theology during religious formation, participation in an Adult Education theology programme, etc. Theological requirements are broadly interpreted for two Basic (Level 1)units of CPE.

3. Acceptance on a CPE course is conditional on successful completion of the application process:

  • Submission of written application materials
  • Successful interview

4. The normal upper age limit is 60 and the applicant must be in good health.


Healthcare Chaplaincy Certification:

Please note:

Candidates whose goal is Healthcare Chaplaincy Certification: should have their theological training in accordance with the Standards of: The Healthcare Chaplaincy Board and Chaplaincy Accreditation Board: before they are accepted for a third unit of CPE.

Certification in Healthcare Chaplaincy is granted by The Healthcare Chaplaincy Board (H.C.B.) or by the Chaplaincy Accreditation Board (C.A.B.). Both boards are distinct entities from ACPE (Ireland) Ltd.

Three basic units of CPE are also required to apply for certification as a Healthcare Chaplain.

Equivalency for one unit of CPE may be granted at the discretion of: H.C.B. and C.A.B.

The Healthcare Chaplaincy Board (H.C.B.) is a Standing Committee of: The Council for Healthcare. The Council for Healthcare is authorised to certify Roman Catholic candidates only.

The Chaplaincy Accreditation Board (CAB):

CAB operates under the auspices of the Bishops of the Church of Ireland and certifies members of its own tradition.

However, applications for certification from persons of other denominations may be considered if supported by the relevant church authorities. Theological and CPE requirements for certification are similar for applicants to each certifying body.



The Admission Process


Send completed application form to the Centre of your choice with the required material outlined in the directions section of the application form.

You will be called to an admission interview. The interview board will discuss your application and engage you as a person and as a learner to assess your readiness for CPE. The interview provides you with the opportunity to ask questions and to clarify any outstanding details.

Participants are welcome from all religious denominations.

The cost of Programme is €750 – with a non refundable deposit of €300 payable following the offer of a place. The balance is due by the end of the first week of the programme.

The following are the courses available:
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ACPE (Ireland) Ltd. Brochure May 2014

Application Form Basic/Level 1 CPE

Guidelines for Referees1

How to come on CPE

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€750 per unit (non-residential).
On acceptance of a place the applicant is required to pay a non-refundable deposit of €300.