Certification as a Healthcare Chaplain



The Healthcare Chaplaincy Board:

The Healthcare Chaplaincy Board (H.C.B.) is a Standing Committee of: The Council for Healthcare.  The Council for Healthcare is authorised to certify Roman Catholic candidates only.

Please note: As and from January 2012:

H.C.B. requirement for accreditation with the Healthcare Chaplaincy Board as a Catholic Healthcare Chaplain is: A degree in Theology (B.Th.).
Full details on the standards or general enquiries to be made to:
Sr. Pat O’Donovan,
Council for Healthcare,
Irish Bishops Conference,
Co. Kildare
W23 P6D3
phone 015053165 Mobile 0877957946 E-mail pat.odonovan@iecon.ie         


The Chaplaincy Accreditation Board:

The C.A.B. certifies Healthcare Chaplains following interview and the meeting of the standards of CAB. The requirements are comparable to the HCB and from 2012 a degree in Theology is required.The Chaplaincy Accreditation Board runs under the auspices of the Bishops of the Church of Ireland. The Board may certify members of other church/faith traditions subject to the support of the appropriate authorities of the church/faith tradition.  Full details on the standards or general enquiries to be made to:


(Chair of the C.A.B)

Rev Bruce Pierce

Northridge House

St. Luke’s Home Education Centre

Castle Rd, Mahon, Cork




Both Boards maintain similar educational requirements.